A trusted provider of data-driven solutions for global institutional investors and wealth advisory firms


Foresight combines its industry expertise with leading technology and unique data-sets to deliver unparalleled insights, decision tools and advice.

Our mission is to unlock the investment advantage of our clients by isolating  enduring insights and designing rational decision-making tools.


Using our innovative 360° approach and factor-based framework, we solve complex problems for our clients that operate in investment and wealth management niche.  Our solutions address analytical challenges for clients such as strategy performance and risk evaluation, predictive challenges such as separating skill from luck when selecting quality active strategies and market intelligence challenges such as dealing with noise and breadth of information.

Our evidence and data-based approaches provide a robust framework for analysing complex set of data and information, sensibly adjust for noise/ type one and two errors in decision processes and deliver intuitive yet interactive tools that promote rational decision-making.


We bring together our firm-wide capabilities to add value for our clients across a range of analytical and predictive areas.

Our advisory work is underpinned by evidence-based analytical framework, long-term perspective on markets and industry, technology and data, as well as experience and expertise of the team.


Using proprietary and third-party factor research (drivers of markets, strategies, asset classes), data-integration techniques and investment domain expertise, we deliver analytical solutions as a standard subscription service, bespoke custom solution or one-off project based.


Using forensics research and weight-of-the-evidence-based approach, we analyse investment strategies across all major asset classes and geographies.

We apply three layers of analysis for manager research: statistical factor, fundamental/economic factor and behavioural factor analysis to validate ‘skill’. We round-off our forensic findings with qualitative review that adopts a quality and risk-based assessments.

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Our solutions are powered by unique data-sets that we aggregate using global third-party suppliers and proprietary sources. Our wide coverage across markets, asset classes, instrument and economies provides a robust platform for bringing wider perspectives to client problems. With around 20 data sources and counting, we aim to help you understand the financial landscape and your fund like never before.

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Case Study

Learn and explore how Foresight helps clients solve their complex and unique problems.

Mathew Walker


Dynamic Asset Consulting

“The depth of data and knowledge on how to use it is impressive. To this end the quantitative insights can be of material benefit for any business that wants to understand their product or market environment.”


Paul Bolinowsky

Country Manager

Pioneer Investments Australia 

“I found the output from Foresight to be relevant, detailed and sophisticated. Follow-up service to ensure that the data presented was understood by the user was first class. The project was completed on time, on budget, with the correct scope.”


Jared Pohl

Director, Portfolio Manager

ECP Asset Management Pty Ltd 

“We have worked closely with Jay and his team for a number of years now and are always impressed with the quality and depth of insight provided. The perspective offered has truly been unique and has helped us to articulate our edge and improve on our investment outcomes for clients.”


Who uses Foresight?


Financial and Risk Analysts

For return attribution, risk attribution, style and economic factor analysis of investment strategies, asset classes and markets. Sustainable analysts use Foresight’s data-driven approach to assessing ESG risks as well as alignment to and impact across UN SDGs.

Asset Managers

To strategically evaluate key sources of value add in portfolios, sources of active advantage and competitive advantages. Offshore managers use our fund industry intelligence research, tools and insights for product development, market positioning and focused marketing.

Asset Owners

For forensic due diligence on new managers, annual review of existing mandates, program level risk-aggregation and sustainability risk analysis.

Wealth Advisory Firms

For approved list reviews, new investment selection, performance and risk measurement, risk aggregation across various instruments and asset classes.