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Why Foresight?

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We are an independent employee-owned firm with no commercial tie-up with any asset manager or investment product manufacturer. We do not sell any investment products or manage money in-house. Our business model is unique in the industry.

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Our investment assurance, advisory and diligence services are delivered by a very experienced research analyst who use their expertise and cutting-edge techniques and tools.

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Long-term focused

We genuinely believe that time arbitrage is one of the key sources of outperformance in investment markets. We take a long-term perspective in our analysis and our judgement is not clouded by short-term performance pressure.

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Investment with a purpose

We are passionate about building a sustainable financial system that provides for more than just financial returns. We integrate financial and extra-financial information in our decision-making processes. We are a proud signatory of UNPRI.

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Technology and data are at the centre of everything we do. We have invested significantly into data, technology, and digital tools so we can deliver interactive, unbiased, and transparent decision tools to illuminate complex issues.

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Licensed entity

Our services are governed by an AFSL () license that covers both retail and wholesale products.

Our Solutions – Illuminating Investment Decisions

Diligence Ratings & Research

We provide Investment diligence, ESG diligence, Operational diligence and Risk-Governance diligence services across traditional and alternative asset classes and for clients such as wealth managers, institutional asset owners and asset managers.

Our analytical work includes forward looking qualitative analysis and data-based quantitative analysis. Our team of experienced specialists have build comprehensive frameworks, processes and score-cards that provide a repeatable and authentic process for due diligence across markets and asset classes.

Our Analyst Ratings and Quant Ratings for Foresight Investment Universe are available via the flagship research platform – F360. The platform is available for clients through quarterly subscription plan.

Investment consulting & Manager search

Our investment consulting services is structured to provide (1) one-off assurance reveiws of multi-asset and sector portfolios, (2) develop a tailored portfolio focused on accumulation or retirment income outcomes, and (3) ongoing support for governnace, reporting, analytics and regular monitoirng of mandates/portfolios.

Tailored portfolio solutions are our most comprehensive offering for clients and includes goal setting,  strategic policy portfolio formation, public and private market investment selection and ongoing support for governance, reporting and monitoring.

We have comprehensive tech and decision tool ecosystem to support capital market modelling, scenario analysis, stress testing, risk-based dynamic allocation and portfolio optimisation. We also provide bespoke and custom investment manager search solutions across most traditional and alternative asset classes.

Sustainability & Stewardship Assurance Services

We adopt a Quality and Risk-based approach to ESG analytics and risk assessment. This integrated approach allows us to carefully consider qualitative, forward looking information while validating it using quantitive information and data where possible. We use proprietary dataset and complement that with third-party sourced data from reputable firms like Refinitiv, MSCI, ISS and Emmi. We provide comprehensive ESG SDG analysis on portfolios (Funds/ETFs), Carbon reporting/ attribution relative to benchmarks and climate impact assessment and scenario analysis. Our ESG assurance and diligence services used integrated framework to assess the effectiveness and authenticity of firm and product level ESG integration.

Data Analytics

Our Data Analytics ecosystem is powered by public, private and proprietary datasets that cover global markets and public & private opportunity sets.

Our global manager database curates a wide range of boutque and institutional asset managers (1000+) across both domestic and global sectors and asset classes. Our manager search and selection services covers ETFs (active/passive), Funds (open/closed), LICs and SMAs.

We use third party and proprietary software and codes to transform, aggregate, analyse and visualise datasets to solve complex problems for clients. Our quant analysts solve a range of problems for clients including macro-economics forecasting, asset allocation optimisation, scenario modelling, portfolio stress testing, forensic due diligence, performance evaluation and risk analytics.

Our data services are offered to clients as a bespoke solution, analytics as a service (managed services) or custom data feed.

Fund Assurance & Forensic Services

Foresight’s strategy assurance service is powered its forensic framework for validating manager skill in public and private markets. Foresight’s assurance service aims to cut the fog surrounding heuristic-based manager assessment and provide managers/clients evidence-based scorecard to prove the evidence of active management skill and that it is robust to various adjustments (sector, style, cycle and factor effects).

The key focus of our assurace services is to isolate skilled based alpha (a.k.a idiosyncratic alpha) to put the facts as they stand and help mitigate the noise around heuristics-based, alternative narratives. Since inception, we have provided comprehensive forensic analysis on over 100 strategies across a range of asset classes.

Foresight’s forensic, evidence-based framework is built on statistical (returns), fundamental (asset holdings) and behavioural (transactions) analytics layers. Under the framework, our team generates time-series analysis and cross-sectional peer group analysis to provide data-based perspective on a manager’s unique active and competitive advantages.

We define the Active Advantage as the unique edge or uncommon advantage an active manager exploits to deliver beta-adjusted alpha or value add. The sources of active advanatge can be segmented as (1) information advantage, (2) analytical advantage (3) behavioural advantage (4) Innovation advantage.

Investment Technology

Our Investech portfolio of products includes:

(1) F360 Research Platform that provides intelligent analyst ratings and quant research coverage on 1000+ Funds, ETFs, SMAs, LICs. It also provides insights and tools on asset allocation, thematics and markets and much more.

(2) FinFlo Cloud Software that provides adviser and family office workflow solution covering back, middle and front office functions; and

(3) Alpha Portfolio Cloud Software that provides investment managers, family offices and SMA managers a centralised platform for portfolio management, order management, reporting, fund accounting and risk management functions.

4) Foresight Factors – accessed by an online platform, we provide comprehensive analysis on over 3000 ETFs, Funds, LICs, Fund of Funds uisng factor based framework. We can also provide Foresight Factors via API to clients that wish to integrate data into their own tools, systems and infrastructure. Foresight Factors has broad coverage of all developed and emerging markets covering micro, small, mid and large cap equities, real estate investment trusts, listed infrastructure products, indices and markets.

Our Story

Foresight was founded by Jay Kumar, who has over 25 years professional services experience within the Australasian financial services industry. After identifying a gap for evidence-based, forensic research in the financial services market, Jay founded Foresight Analytics in 2015.  Utilising his global research and significant institutional asset management expertise, Jay and his team have served 100+ clients since inception with unique and innovative solutions. Foresight’s mission is to illuminate investment decisions using connected insights.

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