Why Foresight

1. Independent – we do not sell investment products or charge asset based fees to our clients. Our fee-for-service or subscription based business model allows us to price our work on the basis of value add and complexity, not how much money our clients manage. Our business model is unique in the industry.

2. Long term focused – we genuinely believe that time-arbitrage is one of the key sources of outperformance in investment markets. We take long term perspective in our analysis and our judgement is not clouded by short-term performance pressure.

3. Research driven – our advisory and due diligence work is underpinned by thorough research using cutting edge techniques and tools. While our analytical framework is data and science driven, we apply a good level of human judgement, experience quality-based insights in our analysis.

4. Finance with a purpose – we are passionate about building a sustainable financial system that provides for more than just financial returns. We integrate financial and extra-financial information in our decision making and help our clients navigate through the complexity of emerging measurement challenges in the sustainable space. We believe that generating social and environmental returns along side financial returns is achievable with a well thought-out investment strategy.

5. Technology-enabled – technology and data is at the centre of everything we do. We have invested significantly into data, technology and digital tools so we can deliver interactive, unbiased and transparent decision tools to our clients.

Our Services

Foresight Digital

Interactive digital tools; research package; anywhere-anyone-anytime

ESG & Sustainability

Finance with a purpose  assessment include 3Ms – Mission intent, Mission alignment and Mission impact measurement solutions. Quality and validation factors include 4 Es – Exclusions, Evaluation, Engagement and Execution.

Investment Modelling

From descriptive, diagnostics to predictive modelling of strategies, markets and asset classes

Manager Search Solutions

360 degree perspective incorporating statistical (returns), fundamental (holdings) and behavioural (trades) and across financial and extra-financial dimensions

Fund Strategy Consulting

What’s your uncommon advantage and how to use evidence-based framework to validate your decision making framework.

Research & Intelligence

Understand key drivers in financial markets and global fund industry using demand -supply factors, trends, risks and opportunities.

A team of professionals with a passion to solve complex problems for clients.

Jay Kumar

Jay Kumar

Founding Director, Analyst

Frederick Do

Frederick Do

Financial Statistician, Data Scientist

Hemanshi Kumar

Hemanshi Kumar

Social Impact Associate & Administrative Assistant

Jella Amba

Jella Amba

Marketing & Communications Associate

Advisors and Consultants

Dr Qian Zhu

Dr Qian Zhu

Senior Advisor - R & D

Zarmeen Pavri

Zarmeen Pavri

Senior Advisor - Sustainability & Impact

Akash Jattan

Akash Jattan

Senior Advisor - Big Data and AI

 Sustainability – Research and Policy Committee

Our History


Jay Kumar has over 20 years professional experience within the Australasian financial services industry.  After identifying a gap  for forensic research in the financial services market, Jay founded Foresight Analytics in 2015, utilising his research and significant institutional asset management experience. Since then, Foresight has solved numerous problems for its clients, build a portfolio of high quality clients on the basis of trust and service with integrity.

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