Foresight Analytics’ Australian Private Debt whitepaper provides investors a practical framework for evaluating the strategies available to Australian investors and offers insights on position sizing and allocation layering. Titled ‘Australian Private Debt Market Review – Opportunities and Risks for Investors,’ the whitepaper provides an overview of the Australian private debt market and a closer look at the sub-segments available to retail and wholesale investors.

We consider the key themes driving opportunities and risks for investors and highlight current trends and innovations led by data and technology. Our whitepaper discusses the headwinds and tailwinds that underpin the asset class and its sub-segments, such as Residential Property Lending, Commercial Real Estate Lending, Middle Market Lending, SME Lending and Specialist Finance.

With the expansion and proliferation of private debt strategies in Australia, investors can now adopt a portfolio approach to investing in this asset class,’ said Foresight Analytics Analyst Rodney Lay. ‘Indeed, it is our view that diversifying across various idiosyncratic and economic risk factors is the prudent thing to do. To that end, we have provided an overview of the sub-segments of the Australian private debt market that are readily available to retail and wholesale investors. These sub-segments are materially different from one another in terms of their risk-adjusted return profiles, economic factor sensitivity, idiosyncratic attributes and inflation protection.

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