Corporate Internship Opportunities at Foresight

Since the inception of our corporate internship programs, over 20 graduates have benefitted from our highly regarded and well curated internship program. We believe that newly trained graduates can make significant and refreshing contributions to our talent pool and corporate culture. We are committed to inter-disciplinary collaboration and engagement to illuminate complex issues using human knowledge and data-driven insights. Our interns have the first hand opportunities to solve real problems for clients and our business.



Current Opportunities


Currently we are inviting graduates from the following disciplines.

  • Economics and Finance
  • Acturial Studies
  • Data Science
  • Software Engineering
  • Marketing and Business Communications
  • IT and Information Systems
  • Business and Commerce

    Foresight’s cross-disciplinary focused training encourages interns to think critically about financial decision-making and put to practice their skills in a corporate landscape. We look for Interns that are great at what they do and what they can offer, but also those who align with our values and what we do at Foresight.

    For Intern applicants, we are currently taking resumes and cover letters in our application process. To reach out to us about our Internship program, please apply with your resume, CV, and a short description about yourself down below:


  • Some of our Current and Past Interns

    Ishita-1 Careers

    Ishita Srivastava

    Corporate Strategy Intern

    Milesh-1 Careers

    Milesh Bhadresa

    Data Analyst Intern

    Jessica-1 Careers

    Jessica Yan

    Data Analyst Intern

    Aizhan-1 Careers

    Aizhan Zhuvanysheva

    Project Management Intern