Welcome To Foresight Careers!

We believe in the power of graduate talent and the contributions they can bring to our dynamic team here at Foresight. We are committed to inter-disciplinary collaboration and engagement to deliver data-driven and problem-solving analytics. With a team of specialised research analysts, Foresight looks for a unique pool of talent that can contribute to our competitive edge as an investment advisory firm. We are committed to our philosophy on the unique combination of data-driven and human-based insights in the assessment of funds and portfolios.



Foresight Internship Program


Our Internship program is focused on providing opportunities across various disciplines relevant to financial research, including data science, statistical studies, and financial and actuarial analysis. Interns should aim to gain corporate experience as well as develop strong analytical and research skills across all roles. Foresight’s cross-disciplinary focused training will encourage interns to think critically about financial decision-making and put to practice their skills in a corporate landscape. We look for Interns that are great at what they do and what they can offer, but also those who align with our values and what we do at Foresight.

For Intern applicants, we are currently taking resumes and cover letters in our application process. To reach out to us about our Internship program, please apply with your resume, CV, and a short description about yourself down below: