Diligence Ratings & Research

Bespoke research solutions are tailored for super funds, dealer groups and family offices and can include forensic research, Due Diligence, ongoing performance and monitoring services. 

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Investment Diligence Service

Provides regulatory compliant research on financial products. These include open-ended funds, ETFs, ETPs, SMAs and LICs across all traditional and non-traditional asset classes. Click here to read more.

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ESG Diligence Service

ESG Analytics provides leading diligence on thematic and impact-related funds that are looking to deliver on financial and extra-financial outcomes. Our sustainability and impact measurement tools incorporate UN-supported Principles of Responsible Investing (UNPRI) and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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OPS Diligence Services

Provides comprehensive due diligence on operational capabilities of fund companies and products issuers.

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Risk Diligence Services

Provides forensic risk analysis on portfolios and strategies. This analysis is best suited for investment fiduciaries and trustees. 

Foresight Diligence Approach

Foresight diligence process optimally blends a combination of Qualitative and Quantitative drivers to assess sustainable competitive advantage in active investing. Foresight’s blended approach combines experienced human insights with data-driven forensic insights to deliver high-quality diligence solutions to investors. Our competitive edge is the disciplined application of behavioural and data science to improve decision-making process of investors, fund buyers, and fund sellers. Independent proprietary research drives our research effort. Foresight’s proprietary 360-degree approach to industry intelligence allows the firm to isolate unique and leading perspectives on the local market trends.


Foresight Qualitative Factors

  • Business (Culture, Ownership Structure, Governance)
  • Product (Objective, Cost, Shorting, Turnover)
  • Investment (Philosophy, Capital Allocation, Risk Control)
  • Operations (Resourcing, Governance, Compliance)
  • Sustainability (ESG and SDGs)

Foresight Forensic Factors

  • Risk Adjusted Returns
  • Style and Factor Biases
  • Performance Attributions – Factor-based and Brinson Asset grouping methods
  • Risk Attributions – Factor-based and Risk Model-based methods
  • Skill-based Alpha Analysis

Individual Fund Research

We dissect manager performance, fundamental and quality drivers to determine if investing outcomes are driven by “skill” or “luck” and whether they are “true to label”. The research includes:

  • Performance diagnostics – decomposed into the market, sector, style factors, and stock selection decisions
  • Style and factor analysis – shows where assets are invested relative to the distribution of the market and/or the benchmark
  • Risk diagnostics – relative to the benchmark, currency, market, sector, style allocation and stock selection as well as individual stock level risk attributions
  • Active advantage, peer comparison, and benchmark comparison


Market research and insights

We provide research on various asset classes such as fixed income, equity, infrastructure, real estate, and many more. Our research focuses on:

  • Risk diagnostics and characteristics
  • Past asset class performance
  • Performance relative to other asset classes
  • Active and competitive position of top funds or your fund

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What is Financial Due Diligence, and why is it important for investors?

Financial Due Diligence involves in-depth research and analysis of various financial products, including open-ended funds, ETFs, ETPs, SMAs, and LICs. This process ensures regulatory compliance and assists investors in making informed decisions, understanding risks, and optimizing returns.

How does ESG Diligence contribute to financial outcomes for impact-focused investors?

ESG Diligence Services focus on assessing thematic and impact-related funds, aligning financial and extra-financial goals. By providing leading diligence on environmental, social, and governance factors, this service aids investors in achieving sustainable financial returns while making a positive impact.

What does Operational Due Diligence involve, and why is it crucial for fund companies?

OPS Diligence Services offer comprehensive due diligence on the operational capabilities of fund companies and product issuers. This is essential for ensuring effective governance, compliance, and resource management, ultimately safeguarding the interests of investors.

How does Risk Diligence contribute to portfolio management for fiduciaries and trustees?

Risk Diligence Services provide forensic risk analysis on portfolios and strategies, catering to the specific needs of investment fiduciaries and trustees. This analysis helps in identifying and managing potential risks, ensuring the overall health of investment portfolios.

What makes Foresight's Diligence Approach unique in the realm of active investing?

Foresight’s Diligence Approach combines Qualitative and Quantitative drivers, utilizing experienced human insights and data-driven forensic insights. This distinctive blend, along with a 360-degree industry intelligence approach, ensures a sustainable competitive advantage in the active investing landscape.