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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Investing is rapidly expanding due to a growing interest among asset managers and other institutional stakeholders to invest in capital that is socially responsible. Our Sustainability and ESG analytics provide you with data-driven insights to direct your ESG strategy.

Also known as Impact Investing, ESG is premised on the assumption that the long-term growth of the financial sector is dependent on the strength of our environment, society and institutional frameworks. The advent of the Novel coronavirus (Covid-19) blatantly highlighted the impact our public environment and society can have on our market-based economy. It fostered urgent debate about the importance of social capital and investor responsibility.

At Foresight, we believe in the value of ESG Investing when done right. Providing ESG-focused services ranging from ESG strategy, data-based diagnostics and risk and quality-based assessments to effective fund due diligence. As thought leaders in ESG analytics, we work with a range of fund managers to ensure that they can optimize social and financial returns.

Assessing the quality of ESG funds and measuring impact requires more than just data. That is why at Foresight, we embrace a 360-degree framework that involves quantitative and qualitative methods to truly identify and optimize your impact advantage.

Our ESG Analytic Services

We integrate multiple financial and extra-financial data sources to help clients in both equity and bond portfolios make smart decisions regarding sustainability & ESG factors. Our sustainability and impact measurement tools incorporate UN-supported Principles of Responsible Investing (UNPRI) and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We integrate SDG goals into our quality-based assessment framework to examine a fund’s mission alignment and impact. We believe that incorporating SDG goals in our assessment framework ensures that investors can make a real-world impact.

Our investment advisory work with clients ranges from ESG strategy consulting to fund due diligence, ensuring that investors make valuable and return-based impacts.

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Carbon Risk Analysis

Foresight uses Scope 1-3 carbon metrics in conjunction to its risk and quality-based data to assess a Fund’s Carbon Emission footprint. Our carbon data and analytics can help investors answer questions like:

  •   What is the portfolio’s level of total carbon emissions?
  •   How does the level of emission compare against a specific benchmark and peers?
  •   What are the largest contributors and what are the effects of investment allocation and selection decisions on the portfolio’s relative emissions to its benchmark?
  • What is the weighted average carbon density of a portfolio and what are the potential carbon-related market and regulatory risks?
  • Analytical Framework for ESG Integration

    Using a range of key decision drivers such as ESG risks, controversial business exposure, product involvement, environmental risks and SDG level impact, our framework provides a 360-degree perspective on constructing a competitive ESG portfolio.

    Our framework is guided by unique data-driven research and human-based insights. Our risk-based assessment framework utilizes holdings-based analysis of security-level data. When assessing the quality of funds, we utilize our framework pillars of Mission Intent, Alignment, and Impact. We examine our 4 E’s of Engagement, Elimination, Execution and Evaluation.


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    What does ESG stand for in investment terms?

    ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance – crucial factors influencing socially responsible investments.

    How does Foresight Analytics integrate ESG into its analytical framework?

    Foresight Analytics integrates ESG into its framework through comprehensive data-driven research, focusing on key decision drivers like ESG risks, controversial business exposure, and environmental impact.

    Why is a 360-degree perspective important in ESG investing?

    A 360-degree perspective ensures a holistic approach, combining quantitative and qualitative methods to assess the quality and impact of ESG funds, allowing investors to make well-informed decisions.

    What sets Foresight Analytics apart in ESG & Sustainability Analytics?

    Foresight Analytics excels with a unique data-driven research approach, combining human-based insights and a risk-based assessment framework to optimize social and financial returns.

    How does Foresight Analytics address carbon risk in investment portfolios?

    Foresight Analytics utilizes Scope 1-3 carbon metrics, incorporating risk and quality-based data to assess a fund’s carbon emission footprint, offering insights into portfolio emissions, benchmarks, and potential risks.

    What makes Foresight Analytics a thought leader in ESG analytics?

    Foresight Analytics leads with innovative ESG strategy, impactful data diagnostics, and effective risk assessments, collaborating with fund managers to optimize social and financial returns.

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