ESG & Sustainability Analytics

Impact investing is a rapidly expanding amid greater interest from asset managers and other institutional parties which recognises that many investors seek to meet their return goals whilst aligning their investment portfolios with the holistic values and beliefs of their organisation and the wider society.

At Foresight, we integrate multiple financial and extra financial data sources to help clients in both equity and bond portfolios make high level decision making in regards to sustainability & ESG factors. Our sustainability and impact measurement tools incorporate UN-supported Principles of Responsible Investing (UNPRI) and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The SDGs which we highly shaped our modelling are presented below:

Foresight is a proud member of RIAA.

We help our clients understand how their portfolio stands in comparison to the other funds in ranking and understand where the issue in their portfolio comes from and how it can be fixed. When looking for sustainable advantage, we assess three pillars:

1. Mission intent
2. Mission alignment
3. Mission impact

Our carbon data and analytics can help investors answer questions like:

  •  What is the portfolio’s level of total carbon emissions?
  •  How does the level of emission compare against a specific benchmark and peers?
  • What are the largest contributors and what are the effects of investment allocation and selection decisions on the portfolio’s relative emissions to its benchmark?
  • What is the weighted average carbon density of a portfolio and what are the potential carbon-related market and regulatory risks?

We believe that integrating ESG criteria into the investment process is a sound strategy. Research highlights the material impact that ESG factors have on a company’s long-term performance. It can be used by funds to review their ESG performance or by investors as an additional context for security selection.