Graphic-for-styleanalytics Press Release | Foresight Analytics partners with Style Analytics to deliver market-leading decision insights

Foresight Analytics, an independent provider of investment diligence, data analytics, and advisory services announces that is has partnered with Style Analytics, a factor analysis firm based in London and Boston, now a part of Investment Metrics. Style Analytics enables asset managers, asset owners and consultants to build objective and comprehensive factor analysis on markets, peers and portfolios.

This partnership allows Foresight Analytics’ clients to receive Style Analytics research and customized content showcasing their array of services, capabilities, and functionality around factor analysis and ESG analytics of managed funds, ETFs, SMAs and indices.

Damian Handzy, Head of Research and Applied Analytics of Style Analytics remarked: “Factor Investing, including ESG Investing, is rapidly expanding due to growing interest among asset managers and other institutional stakeholders to invest capital in a socially responsible way. We are thrilled at the opportunity to deliver our factor and ESG analytics to Foresight clients and to help to ensure that they can optimise financial return and social obligation.”

Foresight Analytics’ Founder and CEO Jay Kumar commented: “As a long-time customer of Style Analytics, I am delighted to be able to bring their in-depth insights, analytics and research to our client base as an extension and enhancement of the cutting-edge techniques and tools Foresight already offers. The combined partnership will provide unparalleled actionable insights and help our clients make superior investment and business decisions.”

Foresight Analytics’ analytical process blends human and forensic insights to help investors make evidence-based asset allocation, investment selection and risk management decisions. Style Analytics partnership will provide Foresight with commercial scalability to compete more effectively with incumbent research and advisory firms in Australia and NZ managed funds industry.

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About Foresight Analytics

Foresight Analytics, an independent Sydney based firm, provides investment diligence, data analytics, and advisory solutions to leading investment management companies, superannuation funds and wealth groups across the Asia Pacific. Foresight’s innovative, evidence-based approach blends both human and forensic insights to provide a range of analytical, predictive and market intelligence solutions to investors.

Foresight’s fiduciary solutions includes Diligence Services (ESG Diligence, Risk Diligence), Data Analytics and Portfolio Allocation Advice. Foresight’s fund strategy solutions include Data Analytics for asset managers, Fund Strategy Benchmarking Solutions and Strategic Research.

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About Style Analytics

Style Analytics, now a part of Investment Metrics, is a factor analysis firm based in London and Boston. We enable asset managers, asset owners and consultants to build objective and comprehensive factor analysis on markets, peers and portfolios. By creating transparency through factor exposures – the systematic drivers of portfolio risk and return – we help investment professionals validate and make strong investment decisions. Previously known as Style Research, Style Analytics has over 20 years’ experience in factor analysis and serves over 280 investment institutions across 30 countries. Our breadth and depth of industry knowledge and expertise continues to bring superior tools and innovations to support our clients.

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