Foresight Platform & Analytics

Fund Station

The primary service we provide to our clients is Foresight Digital which is our cloud-based analytics platform where we provide individual fund research, fund industry research and market research and insights. We use an unbiased, evidence based analytical framework combined with deep industry expertise to deliver innovative and high impact client solutions.


Our returns-based factor model designed by Foresight to perform manager selection and appraisal allows us to decompose risk and return of those funds with more than 3 years of history.

What we can offer through Fund Station:

• Cloud based portfolio analytics platform where outputs can be  tailored by Foresight
• Easy to use interface with drill down features offering exceptional graphics and reporting which are updated on a quarterly basis
• Accessible though a personalised login and via any desktop and mobile service
• System allows for report customization, self-service, email alerts data and graphics download and report subscriptions
• Holdings-based style, structure, risk and performance analysis offering intuitive and transparent insights
• Cloud based platform requiring no local maintenance, enabling reduced I.T costs

Individual Fund Research

We dissect manager performance, fundamental and quality drivers to determine if investing outcomes are driven by “skill” or “luck” and whether they are “true to label”. The research includes:

  • Performance diagnostics – decomposedinto market, sector, style factors and stock selection decisions
  • Style and factor analysis – shows where assets are invested relative to the distribution of the market and/or the benchmark
  • Risk diagnostics – relative to benchmark, currency, market, sector, style allocation and stock selection as well as individual stock level risk attributions
  • Active advantage, peer comparison and benchmark comparison

Market research and insights

We provide research on various asset classes such as fixed income, equity, infrastructure, real estate and many more. Our research focuses on:

  • Risk diagnostics and characteristics
  • Past asset class performance
  • Performance relative to other asset classes
  • Active and competitive position of top funds or your fund

FX Station

Our new FX Station is coming very soon!
Unlike other descriptive and diagnostic models ours has an exceptional predictive capacity and is made up of two components:
FK Risk Management
FX Risk Analysis