Strategy Positioning & Competitive Benchmarking

Key strategic considerations addressed

  • What is the unique value proposition?
  • Can this be validated?
  • What are the secular biases in the process?
  • Who are the key competitors (from a client perspectives?)
  • Is the active advantage driven by information, innovation, and economic factors?
  • Why would a prospect purchase/not purchase the strategy?
  • How should the key message and selling proposition be clearly communicated using evidence?
  • Is the strategy generating True Alpha?

Key considerations for your target market and positioning

Using data aggregation techniques, we identify the most likely target buyers of our clients using key questions below:

  • Based on the uncommon advantage, who are the likely buyers?
  • What type of asset class, active mandates and managers do they hold in their portfolio?
  • What is the current mandate size, style and performance of incumbent mandates?
  • Who are the key decision makers, suppliers and consultants of the target buyer?
  • How should the product’s position be contextualised using deeper understanding of prospects asset structure, investment philosophy and style?
Screen-Shot-2021-02-11-at-5.35.40-pm-268x300 Strategy Positioning & Competitive Benchmarking

Why Foresight?

Foresight strategy consulting brings together years of institutional buyer experience, institutional grade investment tools and analytics (investment perspective), fund market demand and supply data (commercial perspective) to help our clients.

Managed Service Underpins Ongoing Support

  • We provide ongoing tools and analytics to support marketing, sales and client service functions.
  • We help clients adopt and implement a solutions-based mind set when engaging with clients.
  • We use powerful techniques and scenario analysis to contextualise the offering (client perspective is most important).
  • We demonstrate how the strategy fits within the targets portfolio using statistical and factor-based insights.
  • We show the impact of various allocations of the strategy on risk, return, diversity, performance and active orientation using evidence-based framework.

Outcomes from Foresight Engagement

  • Raising assets faster than competitors, direct and indirect (Distribution alpha)
  • Gaining strong ratings and quicker coverage from consultants and researchers
  • Retaining existing clients
  • Actively targeting key competing mandates in the system
  • Identifying a focused list of most likely buyers, key decision makers
  • Understanding competitive strengths and identifying highly vulnerable competitors
  • Understanding the health of the peer universe
  • Influencing buyers using distilled, data driven graphics, insights and stories
  • Clearly articulating competency and win trust of potential buyers, researchers and consultants
  • Establishing key purpose of strategy from buyer’s perspective