Industry Research & Intelligence

Foresight’s Fund Industry Analytical Framework and Data now includes more comprehensive demand-side and supply data-sets that is re-organised and uniquely identified by Foresight to allow for intelligent integration and classification. This in turn allows Foresight to provide industry leading insights and perspectives on AUM and flows on a quarterly basis and at a more granular level. Specifically, the enhanced framework and data allows for:

  • Analyses and insights on larger addressable market ($3.7 trillion) that can be further segmented into $2.1 trillion of assets that are managed by Australian investment managers across three segments of institutional ($1 trillion), wholesale ($700 billion) and retail ($407 billion).
  • Provide deeper segmentation analysis across demand-side (buyers and channels) as well as supply-side (product/mandate issuers).
  • More granular information on a range of attributes (level 1, 2 and 3) that can be classified across asset classes, investment styles and channels.Foresight uses its proprietary flow-spring technology to visualise data at system level, buyer segments, asset classes, supplier segments, manager level and product level.

Foresight’s data integration capability allows it to provide more complete picture of the Australian managed fund industry that brings together multiple demand and supply side data sets into a single platform.