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Foresight Analytics works with wholesale and institutional investors to develop, implement and manage their investment portfolios.

As a leading provider of independent investment consulting services, Foresight offers comprehensive and tailored solutions to a broad range of institutional investors such as superannuation funds, wealth firms, local authorities, government agencies, universities, foundations and not-for-profit organisations.

Foresight Analytics is Sydney-based and services clients across the major cities and regional Australia.

The range of solutions include:

  1. Articulating investment strategy and objectives.
  2. Evaluating risk appetite and optimal asset allocation.
  3. Researching, modelling and recommending the right combination of managers or investment instruments.
  4. Scenario stress testing investment options for different environment.
  5. Implementing dynamic tilting where necessary.
  6. Continually evaluating risks, asset allocation and investments options.
  7. Providing comprehensive reporting and analytics to fiduciaries.
  8. Providing asset transition and implementation oversight.
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