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Predictive modelling: Foreign Currency Market

A wealth advisory client needed evidence-based insights to underpin their currency hedging activities and strategy. The legacy process was heavily influenced by qualitative analysis and broad economic knowledge. The client requested Foresight to build a robust quantitative model to underpin their FX strategy and hedging policies.

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Foresight Global Small Cap Factor Report

Gobal small cap represents a strong growth opportunity within the global equity markets according to our latest market factor report. This attribute is driven by several factors including 5-year earnings growth (4.8 standard deviations higher), sales growth (8.4 standard deviations higher) and IBES earnings long-term growth (8 standard deviations higher)….

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Foresight Australian Ex-Top 20 Factor Report

The Australian X20 (outside top 20 companies by market cap) segment of the market represents a strong value and growth (GARP) opportunity according to our latest market factor report. Value factors that stand out relative to the broader market include shareholder yield (3 standard deviations higher,) EBITDA to EV (2 standard deviations higher) and book yield (1.6 standard deviations higher).

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FAANGs and Fundamentals – Part 1

A lot has been written about FAANGs in recent times. These fast-growth companies have outperformed their industry peers and the broader market in recent years as their market capitalisations have soared. They’ve led mega-caps to outperform and masked much of the…

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