Investment Modelling

Because of our expertise in multiple areas of the financial industry we have the ability to solve complex financial problems. The
breadth of data we own and specialised infrastructure are our domain expertise which allows us to solve complex problems for clients. We use
actor and statistical based frameworks for modelling where suitable. We provide tailored and structured solutions to help them further their decision-making process.
Whitepapers for public distribution can also be provided if requested.

Our advisory work is underpinned by evidence-based analytical framework, long-term perspective on markets and industry, technology and data, as well as experience and expertise of the team.

Four areas where we have performed smart investment models are:

  1. Capacity and/or Fund Analysis – asset allocation and capacity analysis
  2. Multi-asset portfolio optimisation — individual asset classes allocation
  3. Predictive modelling – using statistical, fundamental and behavioural factors
  4. Scenario based analysis – impact of allocation and impact of mandate allocations