Press Release – La Trobe Financial Asset Management Ltd’s Operational Due Diligence Rating affirmed as ‘Superior’.

Sydney, 12th Jan 2024 

Foresight Analytics has reviewed and affirmed its Operational Due Diligence Rating (ODD Rating) of La Trobe Financial Asset Management Limited (LFAM) as ‘Superior.’ This reflects the ongoing investment of the La Trobe Financial group in its human resources and risk and compliance practices, in addition to the ongoing financial backing from Brookfield Asset Management and a further strengthening in corporate financial performance. The La Trobe Financial Group’s key business as a wealth manager and credit specialist is to originate loans and offer investors (institutional, wholesale and retail) an opportunity to invest in those loans secured by registered mortgages and other credit assets.

‘SUPERIOR’ ODD Rating is the highest available rating from Foresight Analytics’ ODD Rating Scale; it reflects the superior capacity of an operating party to perform its operational role and assist the Fund in meeting financial obligations. 

LFAM is wholly owned by La Trobe Financial Pty Limited and forms part of the La Trobe Financial Group of companies. On 31 May 2022, entities associated with Brookfield Asset Management (‘Brookfield’) acquired the La Trobe Financial Group from the former shareholders. The La Trobe Financial Group is now 100% owned by Brookfield and management. Brookfield Asset Management is a leading global alternative asset manager with approximately US$850 billion of assets under management. Of note, in 2019 Brookfield Asset Management acquired a majority stake in Oaktree Capital, 1 of the largest players in global private debt markets.

LFAM has been managing retail investment funds successfully for over 30 years within the broader group, which has been operating in the space since 1952. This success is attributable to a combination of factors, including the experience and culture of its people to undertake their respective roles ethically and in line with documented processes and procedures. 

LFAM is part of the La Trobe Financial Group and has 4 internal directors (Rowan Donohoue, Chris Paton, Martin Barry and Chris Andrews) and a majority-external Independent Compliance Committee (John Marriot, Chairman, Gerard Parlevliet, and Chris Paton). Though aspects of LFAM’s operations are overseen by each of La Trobe Financial’s Divisions, the retail funds management operations reside within the Asset Management Division. This Division is led by Chris Paton, Chief Investment Officer (joined La Trobe Financial in 2017). 

The La Trobe Financial Group has a 59 strong Executive team with a high average tenure, indicative of strong team stability. The La Trobe Financial Group has continued to make new appointments (17 over the last financial year) to broaden the leadership team and internal expertise.

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About Foresight Analytics’ Operational Due Diligence Rating (ODD Rating)

An Operational Due Diligence Rating assesses the capacity of an operating entity, special-purpose vehicle, or asset (collectively “operating party”) to effectively undertake its defined role of managing the operational risks relating to a pool of financial or physical assets. The ability of an operating party to carry out its role, be it in a superior, adequate, or poor manner, ultimately will have a bearing on the performance of the pool of assets. The overall ODD Ratings assigned by Foresight Analytics is underpinned by 7 risk factors – Ownership, Management talent, Governance, Risk & Compliance, Asset & Data security, Systems & Technology and Financial agility.

The assessment covers operational responsibilities and oversight undertaken for a pool of assets retained by the owner, or alternatively a pool of assets that underlie a debt issue or managed fund. The assessment addresses how much the operating party enhances or potentially detracts from the ability of the asset pool to pay interest and principal on a specific security as and when due, or the fund’s ability to distribute income according to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). It should be noted that operational risks generally exist in addition to credit, market, and liquidity risks.

Foresight Analytics Operational Due Diligence Rating (ODD Rating) Scale & Definitions

ODD-Rating-Definitions Press Release | La Trobe Financial Asset Management Ltd’s Operational Due Diligence Rating affirmed as ‘Superior’

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