In this edition of our blog we report the latest figures from Foresight Covid-19 model whichassess the growth trajectories of confirmed, active, fatal and recoveredCOVID-19 cases for global economies.  Our results show significant dispersion in doubling rates across the major economies. Our predictive analysis, which is recast daily, also shows a high level of dispersion in case peak-dates largely reflecting timing and effectiveness of containment measures. On most measures, Australia is out performing global developed peers. Australian growth trajectory across most types of cases is like South Korea. Australia is expected to flatten its new case growth curve within days.  Globalcase growth is still very high but the number of days it takes for case numbers to double has fallen significantly. Global recovery growth rates are being led by China which is an outlier when considering overall trends given the duration of the pandemic there as well as the effectiveness of containment measures taken
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