Manager Search Solutions

As our markets are being filled with numerous products and mandates, it is increasingly harder for institutional investors to choose the right manager.
Foresight takes an integrated approach in manager selection. We combine qualitative and quantitative methods to choose the right manager. We leave no stone unturned and scrutinise every detail to ensure our clients are satisfied with their decision.

We assess as many qualitative factors as possible which are split into:

  • Business (culture, ownership structure, governance)
  • Product (objective, cost, shorting, turnover)
  • Investment (philosophy, capital allocation, risk controls)
  • Operations (resourcing, governance, compliance)
  • Sustainability (ESG and SDGs)

Our qualitative research encompasses the following 3 layers:


The overall process undertaken is made up of manager screening, in-depth due diligence using proprietary analytic framework and finally manager recommendations.t