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At the point of no return

Key Points:  Our recession lead indicators are flashing red and recession is inevitable. However, it’s still too early to increase the underweight in risk assets. The 2-year bond yield hasn’t begun to price in an easing cycle yet, and this is normally the final nail...

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Unpacking Inflation

Key Points:  Stay overweight growth assets. The global inflation scare isn’t yet a trigger for a global central bank tightening cycle that will bring to end to the equity market rally and risk asset outperformance. Inflationary pressures are more concerning in the US...

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FX Analysis & Outlook

Summary The recovery over the past 12 months has been led by a range of currencies – AUD gained significant ground against JPY (+6.57% yoy), HKD (+3.12%), USD (+2.83%), INR (+2.04%), EUR (+2.04%) and CHF (+2.00%). Against this backdrop, unhedged investors faced...

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Cross Asset Review March

In this month’s Cross Asset Review, we assess the past performance of various asset classes and draw implications for multi asset investors. In the March quarter, the worst performing asset classes were the Australian Bonds, Global Aggregate Bonds and Gold. The...

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