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At the point of no return

Key Points:  Our recession lead indicators are flashing red and recession is inevitable. However, it’s still too early to increase the underweight in risk assets. The 2-year bond yield hasn’t begun to price in an easing cycle yet, and this is normally the final nail...

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Unpacking Inflation

Key Points:  Stay overweight growth assets. The global inflation scare isn’t yet a trigger for a global central bank tightening cycle that will bring to end to the equity market rally and risk asset outperformance. Inflationary pressures are more concerning in the US...

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FX Analysis & Outlook

Summary The recovery over the past 12 months has been led by a range of currencies – AUD gained significant ground against JPY (+6.57% yoy), HKD (+3.12%), USD (+2.83%), INR (+2.04%), EUR (+2.04%) and CHF (+2.00%). Against this backdrop, unhedged investors faced...

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