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Foresight Analytics has assigned a ‘STRONG’ Operational Due Diligence (ODD) Rating to Melbourne-based Payton Capital Limited.

Payton Capital Ltd (Payton) specialises in the provision of wholesale debt to businesses and real estate developers, and investment products for wholesale investors, SMSFs, family offices and institutional investors. Payton was originally founded in 1966 as an accounting practice and has become a reputable funds management business. Payton underwent a restructure to become an investment manager in 2010 and entered the Australian private real estate debt market. Payton manages two investment vehicles – Payton Select Investment Fund and the Payton Pooled Investment Fund. The firm has funded over $1.5BN of loans since inception and currently has $839M in assets under management. Payton’s overall rating is driven by its track record of consistently delivering target returns, its highly experienced management team, and its continued investment in resources to support scalability and sustainable future growth in the business.

Foresight Analytics’ ODD Rating assesses the capacity of an asset manager to effectively undertake its defined role of managing the operational risks relating to a pool of financial or physical assets. The overall ODD Rating is underpinned by 7 risk factors – Ownership, Management talent, Governance, Risk & Compliance, Asset & Data security, Systems & Technology and Financial agility.

A ‘STRONG’ rating reflects the strong capability of an operational party to perform its operational role and assist the issuer or fund in meeting financial obligations in a timely manner. Furthermore, it reflects the strong and reliable operational abilities and some very strong qualities of the operating party.

Foresight Analytics’ analyst, Natasha Quirk, said that ‘Payton enjoys a strong outlook in terms of opportunities for growth within the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) lending sector in Australia due to the withdrawal of the banks from the domestic CRE lending market and an increase in capital inflows.’ She further added that ‘Payton’s consistent investment management and financial performance since the first managed fund launched in 2018 has allowed it to weather the COVID-19 pandemic shock well, and take advantage of market growth opportunity.’

Payton has consistently delivered target returns for its investments and has experienced steady growth in assets under management (AUM) and funds under management (FUM) since it was established.

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