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Sydney, 13 October 2021 – Foresight Analytics rates three Metrics Credit Partners Trusts

Foresight Analytics has completed a ratings assessment of three funds managed by Metrics Credit Partners (Metrics), the Metrics Master Income Trust (MXT), the Metrics Direct Income Fund, and the Metrics Income Opportunities Trust (MOT) (collectively the Trusts). All three Trusts have been assigned a SUPERIOR rating.

A rating of SUPERIOR is the highest rating on the investment rating scale used by Foresight Analytics. A SUPERIOR investment rating indicates the highest level of confidence that the Trust can deliver a risk-adjusted return in line with its investment objectives.

The Metrics Direct Income Fund and the Metrics Master Income Trust (MXT) have been assigned a ‘SUPERIOR’ investment rating and a Foresight Complexity Indicator of ‘RELATIVELY SIMPLE’, which reflects the view that the Funds are considered relatively simple financial products, and that the investment manager will seek to outperform in their market sector in this case the Australian corporate loan market.

The Metrics Income Opportunities Fund (MOT) has been assigned a Foresight Complexity Indicator of ‘COMPLEX’, which indicates that the underlying investments in the Australian Private Credit market may be structurally complex.

All three Trusts are managed by Sydney-based Metrics Credit Partners. Metrics is the largest non-bank lender in Australia in this sector. Over recent years, the experienced management team at Metrics have grown its capability steadily, increasing team size, fund size, and diversification of the underlying Trusts.

Foresight Analytics’ analyst Maggie Callinan said, “the Metrics team is very experienced and well-resourced, with a solid track record”. She added, “each of these Trusts are an attractive investment on a risk-return basis, offering well diversified investment in a sub-asset class that would otherwise be difficult to access for non-bank investors”.

The research report is available via “Foresight Adviser Knowledge Centre”.

Find the pdf version here

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