Research and Intelligence

We provide bespoke reports on industry segments, landscape reports, custom data analytics, mandate data. Foresights’ breadth of data or technology expertise combined with data integration allows it to provide unparalleled insights into Australian fund industry capturing demand and supply. We blend original research and data analysis to bring perspective to current market conditions and forecasts for future developments. We assist managers to isolate skill from luck using up-stream and down-stream methods that’s powered by an
objective and disciplined process.

Bespoke research solutions are tailored for super funds, dealer groups and family offices and can include forensic research, DD, ongoing performance and mandate monitoring services.

Our competitive edge is the disciplined application of behavioural and data science to improve decision-making process of investors, fund buyers and fund sellers.

Independent proprietary research drives our manager search, monitoring and specialist sector research effort. Foresight’s proprietary 360-degree approach to industry intelligence allows the firm to isolate unique and leading perspectives on the local market trends.