Using its innovative evidence-based framework, we provide a range of analytical, predictive and due diligence solutions to leading investment management companies, superannuation funds and wealth groups.

What We Offer

Data Analytics & Modelling

Foresight’s advanced data analytics includes descriptive, behavioural and predictive diagnostics on funds, ETFs, markets and asset classes.

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Investment Process Review & Validation

We use statistical, fundamental and behavioural data analytics to advise clients on their investment process implementation, decision-making efficiencies and investment style consistency.
We validate manager active and competitive advantages using benchmark and peer relative analysis.

Diligence Ratings & Research

We bring together our data driven forensic capabilities and experience human insights to provide a range of diligence solutions. These include Investment Diligence, ESG Diligence, OPS Diligence and Risk Diligence across most major asset classes.

ESG Rating & Analytics

We adopt a quality and risk based framework to assess ESG and environmental risks in investment portfolios. Our solutions include ESG Diligence, ESG and Carbon Analytics and Validation of ESG process integration (using global best practice guidelines).

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Fund Strategy Positioning & Competitive Benchmarking

Using unique combination of strategy, market, peer group datasets we unpack the sources of your active and competitive advantages. Using an Evidence-Based Framework we access if your strategy is generating skill based alpha, is true to label and is repeatable. We provide this service across a range of asset classes such as equities, fixed income, real assets and multi-assets.

Asset Consulting & Manager Search

Our asset consulting services include strategic and tactical asset allocation tools, analytical services and ongoing strategic support. We also provide bespoke and custom manager search solutions across most traditional and alternative asset classes. Our global emerging manager database (GEMD) curates a wide range of “best of breed” managers across both domestic and global sectors.

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