Our services are designed to help asset owners and sellers to make the right decisions driven by behavioural and data science.

What We Offer

Foresight Digital & Analytics

This is the primary service we provide to our clients. Foresight Digital is our cloud-based analytics platform where we provide individual fund research, fund industry and market research as well as fund insights.

Investment Modelling

We use factor and statistical based frameworks to advise clients. We have performed investment models across many areas including fund capacity, multi-asset portfolio optimisation, predictive modelling and scenario-based analysis.

Manager search solutions

Making a recommendation on the best manager for the mandate.

Foresight takes a 360 approach in assessing the most appropriate manager for your fund by scrutinising the most important qualitative and quantitative factors, leaving no stone unturned.

ESG & Sustainability Analytics

We help our clients understand how their portfolio is performing and how it compares to other funds by incorporating the UN PRIs and SDGs into our data-driven and advanced analytical  frameworks.

Fund strategy consulting

Our specialised expertise in finance and statistics allows us to provide unique consulting services with regards to fund strategy to asset owners and wealth groups.

Research and Intelligence

We blend our data, technology expertise and industry knowledge to bring a fresh perspective to current market conditions and forecasts for future developments.