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We are an independent employee-owned firm with no commercial tie-up with any asset manager or investment product manufacturer. We do not sell any investment products or manage money in-house. Our business model is unique in the industry.

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Our investment assurance, advisory and diligence services are delivered by a very experienced research analyst who use their expertise and cutting-edge techniques and tools.

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Long-term focused

We genuinely believe that time arbitrage is one of the key sources of outperformance in investment markets. We take a long-term perspective in our analysis and our judgement is not clouded by short-term performance pressure.

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Investment with a purpose

We are passionate about building a sustainable financial system that provides for more than just financial returns. We integrate financial and extra-financial information in our decision-making processes. We are a proud signatory of UNPRI.

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Technology and data are at the centre of everything we do. We have invested significantly into data, technology, and digital tools so we can deliver interactive, unbiased, and transparent decision tools to illuminate complex issues.

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Licensed entity

Our services are governed by an AFSL () license that covers both retail and wholesale products.

Our Solutions

Diligence Ratings & Research

We provide Investment diligence, Sustainability-Stewardship diligence, Operational diligence and Risk Governance diligence services across traditional and alternative asset classes and for wealth, asset-owner and investor clients segments. Our team of experienced specialists have build comprehensive frameworks and score-cards that provide a repeatable process for due diligence across markets and asset classes.

Investment consulting & Manager search

Our full service investment consulting offer for accumulation or retirment income focused portfolios include goal setting,  strategic policy portfolio formation, public and private market investment selection and ongoing support for governance, reporting and monitoring. We have comprehensive tech and decision tool ecosystem to support capital market modelling, scenario analysis, stress testing, risk-based dynamic allocation and portfolio optimisation. We also provide bespoke and custom investment manager search solutions across most traditional and alternative asset classes. Our global emerging manager database (GEMD) curates a wide range of “best of breed” managers across both domestic and global sectors.

Data Analytics & Investment Technology

We provide a descriptive, behavioural and predictive diagnostic on funds, ETFs, SMAs, markets and indices. Our experienced quant analyst formulates strategic asset allocation for clients, conduct scenario modelling and provides multi-asset portfolio stress testing using cutting-edge technology and comprehensive datasets that are underpinned by proprietory, public and private sources.

Sustainability & Stewardship Assurance Services

We adopt a Quality and Risk-based approach to ESG analytics and environmental risks in investment portfolios. Our qualitative and quantitative solutions include ESG Diligence Ratings, ESG Capability assessment (using global best practice guidelines) and ESG & Carbon Analytics.

Fund Strategy Assurance & Competitive Benchmarking

We take a strategic perspective in assessing enduring sources of active and competitive advantages for asset managers. Using multiple and unique datasets, we forensically unpack a fund manager’s value proposition, benchmark it to smart beta and other active strategies and provide unique and evidence-based perspectives through a discussion paper and interactive workshops for the ultimate standard in investment assurance.

Investment Decision & Process Assurance

Our investment advisory uses a 360-degree framework to assess strengths and weaknesses in investment management processes. Our analysts incorporate statistical (returns), fundamental (holdings) and behavioural (trades) insights to validate the efficacy of decision-making processes.

Our Story

Foresight was founded by Jay Kumar, who has over 20 years professional services experience within the Australasian financial services industry. After identifying a gap for forensic research in the financial services market, Jay founded Foresight Analytics in 2015, utilising his research and significant institutional asset management expertise to bring unique solutions to the investment community. Since then, Foresight has evolved its business across a diversified range of solutions and clients. 

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